Student Placements

Student training is vital to the success of public health’s future workforce and to address public health challenges. Each one of our collaborating partners in the Region V GLPHTC has a long history of placing graduate students in public health practice settings and in collaborative projects with faculty members to develop leadership skills and public health core competencies. These student projects provide students an opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom to a practice-based setting.

We are pleased to present a sampling of quotes from our students who have made contributions to public health organizations across Region V.

Quote from Stephanie Boylan, University of Minnesota - "This field experience helped me to see the importance of classroom knowledge and how it applies to the real world. It has also helped me to more clearly understand what classes I want to take in the future and what skills I want to focus on to excel in a career."
Quote from Miranda Braithwaite, University of Wisconsin-Madison - "I was so fortunate to be able to have some great conversations with leaders in this field where we brainstormed options for improving or overhauling the veterinary medical system as well as the human healthcare system."
Quote from Anna Yankelev, University of Illinois at Chicago - "The grant I received enabled me to help put together a webinar that was viewed by over 200 people. The webinar focused on shifting public health's focus towards tackling structural determinants of health inequities. This webinar is part of a larger conversation of public health's path forward, and I am excited and honored that I was able to contribute to this important discussion."
Quote from Sydney Fouche, University of Illinois at Chicago - "This experience has prompted me to think about systems level changes, and how data can be used to support these changes. Following this, I intend to conduct research to inform policy to instate political and structural change, and inform changes for conditions which contribute to health inequities."
Quote from Jake Amatruda, University of Minnesota - "In collaboration with members of the Minnesota Department of Health's Community Engagement Unit, I designed a survey tool and analyzed baseline results for a group of health department staff members. It is my hope that this will be a tool for change, driving greater engagement throughout the department."
Quote from Megan Radamaker, University of Minnesota - "My vision of the future of public health nutrition is policy and systematic changes, from the ground up, to provide healthy and affordable food for all."